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Lee ParkJFK speaks to Venice crowd.Haryy Trueman & Walter SimmonsJFkJFK on Madison Ave.JFK speaks to Venice croud.JFK speaks to Venice croud.JFK speaks to Venice croud.JFkJFkHarry Truman at Lee ParkHarry Truman

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Hi Jim ,i received a link to your site from a friend ,I was very interested in your Kennedy pictures from 1960 when he was in Venice Illinois,I am actually in the 4th photo,the if you blow it up you will see a small brown haired boy right behind the older man in the front row,i actually shook hands with John F. Kennedy right after his speech ,and have always wondered if i showed up in any of the pics,anyway i was wondering if there is any way to acquire that particular picture ,it has alway been a high point of my life,especially after he won the election,then i had shook hands with a president,so let me know.Also you have a tremendous site and the all the pics are fantastic,thanks,Curtis E. DuBoise
This is great stuff and it marks a town at the peak of its development just before the economic torpedo of international commerce trade treaties and alliances begin. Between 1948 and 1978 little Venice, having been a powerful economic engine for southern Illinois is forced to watch as post WW2 industry slows up, shuts down and moves out. This change has been incorrectly labeled as many other things but the single least addressed truth is the cost of reestablishing Japan and Europe. Venice is an example of what the USA sacrificed to help other nations. This case could be made about the entire Tri Cities area. The Tri Cities had their origins in Venice as far back as 1840. By 1905, Venice was struggling to house people. By 1955, Venice, out of usuable land suitable for family dwellings, losing population numbers and running into fading chances for individual economic guarantees was lost to both industry and individuals as the monies simply dried up. Among the many misdirected beliefs about Venice is who founded it and how it developed. It was founded by the French and developed by St. Louis commerce and industrial giants throughout the earliest decades of our nation. Later on, the railroads controlled the town. There are many misconceptions we've all been encouraged to accept without a disciplined research into the literature of discovery and exploration. The truths are all verified in the Venice History Committee's 2007 DVD available at (scroll to Venice High School) and at
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